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Om oss 

Blacklink är ett teknikbolag som grundades 2011 i Varberg. 

Vi har idag kontor i Varberg, Halmstad, Göteborg, Helsingborg och Ängelholm. 

Vi är en fullserviceleverantör inom fiber & nätverk, anläggning, el och smarta hem & företag. Vi arbetar med både företag och privatpersoner och erbjuder våra kunder en komplett helhetslösning, hela vägen från rådgivning till installation och underhåll. 

På Blacklink värnar vi om våra kunder och vi är stolta över våra långsiktiga samarbetspartners. Vi har över 10 års erfarenhet i branschen och vi arbetar ständigt med att förbättra och utveckla våra tjänster för att kunna erbjuda de bästa tänkbara lösningarna för våra kunder. 


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Välkommen till oss!

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Our Services


Blacklink Crew - Our ground technical staff work closely with all our technical units to ensure that all services to a property that requires heavy excavation are done carefully and cleanly. We work closely with you and the public on your home soil and with site managers and local services for an efficient and coordinated approach. This team can be given individual assignments for a technical installation and also be used to support all excavation work.


Blacklink Communication - Our origin is in the fiber technology industry and through hard work and a careful professional attitude, we have been well respected as a driving force in the growth of fiber optics for homes and businesses throughout Sweden. We have a team of mature skilled technicians who all work at the highest level for installation and maintenance of fiber and copper networks. Our goal is to keep you connected 24/7.


Blacklink Electro - The core of Blacklink and to the highest degree the center of our technical operations is our electrical team. No matter what we do, everything comes back to electricity. This team works independently and with all areas on Blacklink and offers everything from the most basic cables to the home, to the installation of solar panels and electric charging points for energy efficient vehicles. Our focus for both our business and private customers is a transparent and cost-effective approach.


Blacklink SMART - For any business or individual who wants to integrate SMART (home automation) technology into their space, this can be a complicated world. The technology is evolving and expanding at the speed of light. So we make life easier for you, just like SMART technology should. We give advice on what is available now and in the future. What can be realistically integrated into your property and what it will cost. The choices currently are power management, lighting, heating, household appliances, safety devices, charging of electric vehicles and entertainment systems. Our ultimate interest is a sustainable, affordable and expanded system that is specific to your needs.

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