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It's a fact that all of our business solutions need this team at some point. So much of what we do must have electricity. Blacklink Electro offers the full range of electrical services. In fact, we are proud to say that we can and will reconnect a home or business, connect solar panels or a charging station for electric cars all the way to simply replace a plug.

Vad kan vi hjälpa dig med? 

Installation of sockets

Childproof sockets

Electrical safety inspections

Dedicated computer circuit

Surge protection for the whole house

Electrical code updates and corrections

Upgrades of wiring

Replacement of switch

Emergency electrician

Electrical panel upgrades

Installation of EV charger

Installation and maintenance of home generator

Commercial energy audits

Commercial electrical panel upgrades

Exhaust fan installation

Solar energy system

Commercial generators

CO detectors and smoke detectors

Repair of lighting

Commercial special lighting

Power consumption meter

Lamp replacement

Landscape lighting

Christmas lighting

Light dimmer and timers

Bathroom and kitchen lighting

Recessed lighting

Track and accent lighting

Retrofitting lighting


Lighting controls

Motion sensors

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